by Department

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released August 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Department Syracuse, New York

Four dudes from Syracuse, NY play music together. They call it, Department.


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Track Name: The Badger & The Elk
Barren, after the heat is gone. Leaves die. In fall they'll turn to dirt and dust. In winter, we're never gonna make it. We are a virus, spread a trillion times. We're always clinging to replacements, so stop talking. This action is a lie. Even after we'd been God damned life felt surreal. In place of truth, the nest. You're never gonna face it. We are a cancer. The window pane on the hearse doesn't need a snap shot. Lying or driving? Which is worse? I don't know. The ex-potential cannonball with its heart in billiards figures either way he'll fall. Then, game over. This false pride carried away. Colored kerosene injected raw. Counting down. I ripped off scales with broken nails. Drifting away. I was afraid I'd never speak again. Meditation kills. And I'll write that pattern on your lips. It's snowing. Finding just cause. I can't. Breaking down. Remember when? Bleeding hearts. We used to care about the faceless, useless paramount. They're watching. Pretty. Find her name. Cold as ice. Sing, so colors fly and heroes sway. We are the answer.
Track Name: Thick Fox
White out conditions and feeling the high. Deafening silence followed. We can not swallow all the innocent lives we lost. There's thousands of spiders all in your hair. Follow a straight line from A to B. X on the map like you blacken them in. And we're baiting in the night trying to catch a special moment. Something to brighten the sky. Lighten darkness I'd forgotten. Such a beautiful day. All I know is all I have...stays with me. In the moment, breaking skin. In this moment, gushing blood. Carrying this burden on your shoulders gives you strength in numbers. Say this single thought. Sing this single lie. Now harmonious and singing freely. Brutally enticing ritualistic acts of kindness. Hey now, don’t be scared. Hey now, you can't beat me. This is unacceptable and also inconceivable. Spreading your interests instead of apathy. May you come around. May your thoughts be justified and sound. Drive. Don't look back. They won't ever suspect. Break out the wine. Celebrate premature. Kill. Don't question. They may start to expect. Dying. They won't mind.
Track Name: The Night Will Belong To Us
Through burdened times, these stars above help to bury scars. Nightmares and dreams coagulate, rushing through my head. Shocked from a frozen past. Shocked from my frozen past.
A smile and a wave through windows and space. Galaxies crumble and I still have hope it'll be okay. This valentine up in the sky. Constellations torn apart spread over miles. This shooting star connects the lines. And if I die, I know I tried. Back when I mattered...Back when you cared...I threw a stone at the pond, to skip across, but all that happened was it sinking.
We sleep with dancer's legs. We meet in a secret place where vagrants and bums hold each other so close. He's tracing the contours of her nose.
Track Name: Great And Mighty
Stake your claim. I'll stand in your way. Finding your elevation too. Low country. Fun isn't taken serious. No standing room. Don't ever take this away from today. Seeing you here today just makes me feel exactly how I have to. They used to be big, strong hands. Now I can't tell them apart from the land. I've gained too fiercely what I've taken by surprise. No wonder why I cannot see this anger that's inside of me. Hey! I'm falling. Slow motion. Depression. The ocean. Sprawled on mountaintops is what life is. One breath is one hundred men. Finding...I've taken the light and it's blinding. Stake your claim. I'll stand in your way. Finding your elevation too. Low country. Fun isn't taken serious. No standing room. Stop. Down low. No one. On and on, they tell you when your life is real. On and on.
Track Name: Summits
You may have started in confinement here. Had no expectations. No way to tell if you would have a flourishing enlightenment. Could you see the future? I wish I'd have known at first. We gave you freedom, love, and loyalty. As you realized this, realize you rescued us too. Your soul is free. You are deeply missed. Echo reflecting as I shed this rain. We'll be reacquainted on this colorful road. Know this - I will always love you. Maker of song, you are thoughtful and warm. Reflective, you come to our thoughts and our hearts. We'll snatch up your children. Is that enough? We'll sleep then we're mountains. Bearded hill tops. My sainthood is a saw blade. I'm stalking on golden eggs. He had the best of lives. Loving every second, he'd make us sing at night. Yellow, orange, white. He helped us see the light. Even in the hard times, he'd make us smile bright. Each and every day. Hey, you...I will find you when I'm with you. Do I have to write another anthem? Or will I have to set this down and run? When can it be trusted I can shout out? I spit my heart and soul out of my lungs. We sulk in quills flying through clouds. Our hearts can beat so strong.
We sulk. It kills flying through clouds. Our hearts will beat strong.