by Department

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released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Department Syracuse, New York

Four dudes from Syracuse, NY play music together. They call it, Department.


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Track Name: Aristotle
Ascending much too fast, it's true. Haven't a clue - it's all for you. Echoes not sustained. I'm not simplified. Breathing it in, then out. Having it all surrounding. So overwhelming. Now you'll have a clue. Have you ever experienced blood flow shattered by your beating heart? I feel exposed, yet believe me. I have conquered the sun's heat now. Why don't you just take this one chance? I've determined just how beautiful our exposure to this life is. I've experienced, to the end, so far away. And when we close our eyes, we float away. I know now how to view this lonely coarse. Imagine living free without a care. I know now what to say, goodbye. Is this freeing, or is this at our own expense Countdown, getting a second chance. Countdown, getting a second chance to live. I don't know how to lose. I think I might lose.
Track Name: Systems
Time stops, the scent fills the air with a nervous aromatic breeze. Can we close our mouths for now? Feeding this abundant need forever. This hunger never stops I've had enough. I've had enough of your
crossfire. I start of with a little destruction. A wine glazed reduction. Mixed greens make a delicate side to start. Feign interest for a little while. Crack a joke. Try to harvest a smile. I just want to connect before I die. Surely we can make believe the compliments are just right. Your tie blowing in the wind as we come in from Autumn night. The check comes at nine. We both rush outside. The doorman thinks he knows why.We're burning like candlelight. We all have been rejected and the absence can grow like mold on you. Can't we call on nature for one's lasting first impressions? Can't we find our place under the moon? I prefer steamed over fried all around, as the next operational dysfunctionality found Watching game shows and drifting off to R.E.M. cycles Following the paths of sheep has been foreseen through ancient times Why oh why? May we get dessert please? Can't we find our place here under the moon? Can't we find our place here through distant times? Sweet and sour and flavorful.Always remember how versatile we were.